DaChain was founded in 2021 with the purpose of making Web3 accessible to Web2 brands.Our vision was to create a platform where everyone is empowered to build and launch its own fan engagement and community platform, no coding needed.Over the last 6 months, the business has gone through several transformations, many ups and downs, ultimately positioning as a white label NFT marketplace.However, due to unforeseen circumstances, what was born from an incredible mix of talent is now going to end. Our plans were ambitious and we executed them in full-speed. Unfortunately, this was not enough.We have worked to restructure the company and to find a potential investor to continue our mission. However, the current political and economical situation have limited our fundraising opportunities and we have not been able to secure the necessary funding to maintain our operations.We want to thank our clients and customers from the support they showed us.DaChain stopped its operations on the 21st of December.Any crisis will push you beyond your limits and is an opportunity to make your life extraordinary.DaChain has been an incredible chapter of life for many of us, we won’t give up on our dreams and we will build on this experience to be back with some new project in the coming year.Stay tuned!With love and passion,
The DaChain team